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Riky Rick to perform You and I on Massive Music

22 February 2019
Ricky Rick will be performing his new song, You and I.
<p>Riky Rick&nbsp;</p>

This Friday on Massive Music, sidlukotini with the fresh prince himself! Riky Rick will be performing his new single titled 'You and I' for Massive Music fans. The song features Mlindo the vocalist, making it one of the coolest collaborations to come out of 2019 so far. If you have ever seen Riky Rick perform, you know to expect a steller performance from the hip hop star! The song officially dropped on the 14th of February, making it an ode to all things love! He's been teasing us with clips and artwork as seen in his tweets below: 

What does SA think of the track so far? They love it! Read tweets below: 

If you have heard the song and you love it like the rest of SA does, make sure you're tuned into Massive Music tonight at 9:30 pm to watch Riky and Mlindo perform it! 

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