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Our Top 5 Jabba Hits - Massive Music

26 October 2018
We celebrate the legendary Jabba, Hip Hop Pantsula by reflecting on his killer punch lines and hits.
<p>Rest in Peace&nbsp;</p>

What will summer be without Jabba? Sadly, the time has come for us to live the reality. In the wake of his sudden death, we mourn one of South Africa's greatest hip hop pioneers and musical virtuoso's . As we remember the great contribution he has made to the industry and the path he has paved for our faves, we give you our Top 5 Must have Jabba songs of all time! 

1. Music and Lights

Remember when Amerie was in HHP's video? The Motswako rapper always set the bar! If he wasn't popularising Setswana raps and punch lines, he was hanging out with international stars in music videos. The Music and lights song was perfect for the summer, the club and good times. However, digging into the lyrics we discover that the music and lights was a way to escape for Jabba.  

"Forget your sorrow let it all fade away
Forget tomorrow let's start livin' for today
Let me take you through a night of ecstasy
I like to hear the sound of a mystic melody."

2. Bosso

HHP always shared his funny side with us in his music videos, but with Bosso - one need only listen to the lyrics to discover what a great sense of humour he had! Depicting childhood games where children 'diss'  their friends using humour and out -of- this world scenarios,  the 'sterrings', he continues to paint throughout the song are hilarious. For the video, Jabba created a 'Bosso diary', in which he asked locals what it meant to be a 'bosso'.           

"Oja rice crispy ka whiskey, ka whiskey
Ja, 'a uitsi
Ke moriski,
Oja rice crispy ka whiskey
Ja 'a uitsi
Dai man ke moriski."

3. Tswaka 

When DJ's played this song on the dance floor it was unheard of to not bust a move or sing along. People everywhere could be heard singing along to the inviting chorous " Tswaka Tswaka, Tswaka, Tswaka, Tswaka Tswaka" . Jabba effortlessy switched from Setswana to english like the pro he was and it did not go unoticed. Phrases such as 'Ho lo lo' never failed to make us chant along.

"Seven years later tlabe Jabba man a sampa a di busa
We Maf-town pumping stadiums jumping
Guest in the back say something (Ho lo lo)
Yo the whole sets pumping."

4. Harambe

Harambe proved that Jabba could do socially conscious and do it well. Ironically, he has endured a lot as an artist to ensure those after him have a voice and platform. He unselfishly shared his platforms and spaces with other artists who have continued to soar because of his contribution. 

"I have chance today, because of you Joe I can dance today. Without having to show you my pass, self-employed because of you I don’t call no one a Bass.  I’m the type of brother who can drink in any bar now. Because of you Joe, I’m educated
Because of you, the black youth of today is emancipated

5. Born for this 

We had to throw in one killer collaboration that sums up the legend in a sentence ' born for this'.  Joining Teargas and Liquid Deep on the track - it made huge waves not only in SA, but across the continent. Jabba's most memorable line from this song, is simple and not entangled with his lyrical genius, humour or Setswana - it simply just is. 

"Doing it bigger & better. Making that cheddar, however it doesn't matter. As long as we're doing it all together…"

One thing that will continue to live on in the summer, is Jabba's spirit, and mark in the industry. These jams bring with them special memories that will live forever! Death be not proud. Rest In peace to a legend.