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20 February 2019
These 5 songs are guaranteed to get bae in their feelings!
<p>Valentines Love</p>

Remember the days when we used to record all of the songs that reminded us about bae? Love tapes were a huge hit in the 90's and considered to be the most romantic offering. If we were to do things the old skool way, these local songs would pass with all the feels! 

Kwesta  feat Thabsie- Ngiyaz'fela ngawe​

Dedicated to his baby momma, turned wife, this song is a perfect dedication to someone that's been through thick and thin with you! Kwesta took us through it all with this song! Our favourite line has to be 'Ngik'thanda ngoba wangithanda when I was tarnished. For that I will live another day just to bond with you.'  This song is for the realist and the romantic! 

Aka - Caiphus song 

This song talks about following your heart and how it's not always the easiest to do! However, AKA is pleading for his love interest to listen to their hearts energies and have the future he forsees for them! "You're that godly special someone I know, you beside me, turn this house into a home."  These lyrics translate beautifully in the music video, Jessica Nkosi and Warren Masemola play a couple on their wedding day. 

Donald - Over the moon 

This is for the new couples who are in the honeymoon phase and are convinced that they have found someone who reciprocates their love! The butterflies and the constant need to be around the new bae got them feeling like the lyrics say:  "I'm over the moon, I can feel your heart is racing. Over the moon,I can hear the angels calling. Over the moon,Yes I'm getting closer from that feeling - I'm in love again." 

Ko feat Nandi  -  Skhanda Love 

This collaboration was one for the books! Mr cash time and soul singer Nandi  gave us our own version of Nelly and Kelly's Dilema! This song talks about that ride or die kinda love! "We've got that gangster love, nothing can come between us. Noma be s'shwashwata, ungawari uphethe mina. Let me hold you down, baby let me hold you down!" Who doesn't need a solid anthem on their playlist? 

Shekinah - Suited

This is about that young love, that fits just right! If your partner is suited for you in every way then this song is a must have on this playlist. Just enough RnB to keep you in the love mood, but just enough energy to make you feel energised about life. This one might go down as one of South Africa's biggest love song post 2000's. "Suited for each other. Tailor made, I'm glued up on my lover yeah, I'll never lose him to another yeah!" 

Which one of the 5 are a must have for your own special playlist? Take the poll and let us know if we did right by you! 

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