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Dripping with gold soul

02 March 2018
Stilo and Soulstar are touching us in out studio tonight!
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So fresh. So clean. That should be the tagline for tonight’s show. Not only do both our guests talented artist but they push the boundaries of entertainment too. Massive Music is thrilled to welcome rapper Stilo Magolide as well as musician Soulstar.


Stilo Magolide

Stilo is no stranger to the scene. A familiar face and a versatile background in entertainment from fashion to music, the rapper brings to his music a worldliness and untouchable swag.




Magolide AKA Choc or Mr 2190 is an artist inside out and is also constantly reinventing his music. Paying attention to detail is what he does in his sleep. Check out the sick visuals in his video for Yasho and tune in live as we have a chat with him in studio.




You may remember Soulstar as the unforgettable voice on Rock My World, the popular single by Black Coffee in which he was featured. But that was only the beginning of the rise of this crooner’s star.





He’s gone on to work with House music heavyweights like Heavy K and Vinny Da Vinci while working on a studio album aptly called Back to Soul Experience which he released in 2017.




Catch a fire performance by the musician on Massive Music tonight at 9:30pm.

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