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All the reasons to love Massive Music!

31 October 2017
Great presenters, a star-studded guest line-up...we can't think of reasons not to like Massive Music!
all the reasons we love massive music

Whether it's Smash Afrika and Lalla Hirayama's dynamic duo that you love or the lineup of all your favourite musicians, here are all the reasons ain't nothing better than Massive Music on a Friday night!

1. Lalla Hirayama and Smash Afrika are the perfect duo!

Can you think of a better team to bring you the hottest music and the artists behind them every Friday night? Nope! With Mzansi's style ninja Lalla and Smash Afrika's energy together, ain't no party like a Massive Music party, because a Massive Music party don't stop!

2. Star studded line-up!

If you want to get to know your favourite musician or see them performing that song you love so much, Massive Music is always the place to be!


3. The freshest videos!

If there is a new hot video out, best believe Massive Music is where you can catch a glimpse of it fresh from the lit musical oven!

4. The freshest news from the music industry!

Massive Music always has the scoop on the hot news in the industry!

5. The gorgeous set!

A custom set with high production quality and premium aesthetics and tonality! With a strict “no inserts” policy, Massive Music is a fast-paced and relevant music show. 

Don't miss #MassiveMusic every Friday night at 21:30!

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