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Wedding vow tips - Married At First Sight Mzansi

30 June 2024
Vows are a core memory, make it cute.
Married At First Sight Mzansi

Halala Mzansi, our eight singles have been matched and have officially wed! The first two episodes were a bag of mixed emotions as the singles walked down the aisle, totally oblivious to who was waiting for them on the other side.

One of the most important ingredients for an unforgettable wedding day, is the vows. Wedding vows hold sentimental value, serving as a permanent reminder of the love and promises exchanged on the wedding day. Of course our singles had the huge task of writing their vows with a complete stranger in mind.

It seemed to have been a situation of lastminute.com for Khutso, who made his vows all about him. It didn’t go unnoticed, as Litsoanelo expressed her disappointment during her confessionals.

See the moment here:

Writing wedding vows is a deeply personal and meaningful task. Here are our five tips for writing vows: 

Make cute and real life promises

They are vows for a reason right? Clearly state what you are promising your partner. These commitments are the essence of your vow.

Make your partner feel special

In as much as you are doing the vowing, don’t forget the most important person to consider is your partner. What would make them happy and how will you secure their heart forever?

Be Authentic

Speak from the heart and let your true feelings come through. Your vows should reflect your personality and what you truly desire for your marriage.

A little spice

Mix humour and seriousness. Light-hearted moments can make your vows more engaging, but remember to include heartfelt promises and sentiments.

Everyone deserves wedding vows that are meaningful, memorable, and that a true reflection of your commitment. Even if they are for a complete stranger.

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