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Madame & Mercy


Mother, daughter, friend – Madam and Mercy

29 June 2020
How Madam is great at all these roles
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A present and connected mother:

If there is one thing Mzansi has loved about Madam since she appeared on our screens on The Real Housewives of Johannesburg season one, it is her relationship with her daughter, Mercy.

The pair are two peas in a pod and their dynamic relationship has allowed them to do everything from being executive producers of their own reality show to downtime fun on lavish holidays with friends and even partying together.

A thoughtful daughter

Who could forget Madam’s gorgeous Sophiatown-themed party for her parent’s 63rd anniversary? The event was complete with vintage cars, a performance by talented local singer Berita and her parent’s cherished friends.

A supportive friend

Who doesn’t want to be Madam’s friend? Need a holiday? Madam’s got you and she’s paying? Need someone to help you set up for your boutique’s showcase? Madam is there to support you and even doing the heavy lifting too.

There is so much more to love about Madam. Tune into #MadamAndMercy every Wednesday at 20:00.