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Lockdown Fashion Madam and Mercy Style

27 May 2020
If you’re tired of leg-ins, slippers and old tees, take a page out of our favs serving fashion goals at home.
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We are all playing our part, staying safe and staying home. For many of us, that means our heels, jeans, makeup and everything dress-up and glam about our lives thinks we have been abducted by aliens. There really is no reason why you can’t lockdown and snatch edges, see how Madam and Mercy are doing it with these looks for all lockdown occasions.

  1. For a pool-side sunbathing session

If you are missing waves and beach life, your pool is a close second under lockdown. Why not make it fun Madam style with your favourite bikini and a sheer two-piece for the chills you’ll be serving?

  1. For a morning cup of coffee

As if you needed an invitation to wear your PJs. But are they your cutest? A cute matching pair of PJs with your initials on them could make you feel like you’ve won the day before it even starts. Hey, if it works for Madam!

  1. For a fun family photo shoot

While waiting for all your favourite shows on Mzansi Magic, why not rock your more fabulous track suit and do a boss-lady photo shoot.

  1. For a quick run to the store

Coco Chanel said a lady should always be two things – classy and fabulous. Why not be both on a quick run to get supplies as the weather gets a little bit nippy.

  1. For exercising and making breakfast

It’s easy not to move around when following the strict restrictions of lockdown, but there is no reason why you can’t do a home workout and look fabulous while doing it or while making breakfast after the workout.

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