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Love & Loss

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'S1/E1'. Lerato met her husband in high school, their love was initially embraced by her mother in law. However tensions have since amplified, can they mend their differences.

S1 | E13
05 January 21:30
'S1/E13'. A docu-reality telling the stories of widows and widowers who had a beautiful love story suffered a tragic los...

Love and Loss returns for its second season

01 October 2020
Returning for its second season on Mzansi Wethu is Love and Loss, a reality intervention show that lifts the lid on the situations widows often find themselves in.
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They become outcasts and are mistreated by their in-laws after the death of their spouses.

The show exposes the devastation of widows who struggle to get along with their unsympathetic in-laws. The ups and downs range from them not being liked by their departed partners’ families that often leave them financially and emotionally devastated and face many difficulties as they gather the courage to emerge better and move on with their lives.

The show aims to demonstration the damage of loss and conflict that ensues, the mending of broken hearts and broken families while helping the widow find closure and move on with her life.

“The true life accounts of the 13 widows represents the lived experiences of some South Africans and this is why this interventional reality show resonates with our viewers,” concludes Philiso.

Don’t miss Love and Loss premiering on Saturday 10 October on Mzansi Wethu, at 19:00 and Accused premiering half an hour later at 19:30 also on DStv channel 163 Mzansi Wethu.