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Tyson and MaZet unite – Lockdown

27 May 2019
Will this unlikely alliance work?
mazet and tyson lockdown s4

When sworn enemies untie, it can only be for a short period and to take down a common enemy. Tyson and MaZet’s alliance is exactly this kind of arrangement, a means to an end – the end of Maki Magwaza.

No one could have imagined that Tyson and MaZet could put their differences aside but having Maki Magwaza as head honcho in charge at Thabazimbi calls for desperate measures.

With her alliance with sworn enemy, Governor Deborah Banda, Maki Magwaza has quickly risen up the prison ranks. She is in charge of the newly opened tunnel and gets special food, most importantly she handles all the money.

Nkuli is on the outside and pregnant, so MaZet needs money on the regular. However, Tyson never wants to be at the bottom of the food chain. Tyson is also incredibly vicious and vengeful. In her haste to form an alliance with MaZet, it seems she has forgotten that she has paid for a hit on Nkuli. Or has she?

Maybe it’s all part of Tyson’s plan – get MaZet to help her get the tunnel back and then still kill MaZet’s only daughter.

Can MaZet trust Tyson? Can any of them trust each other once they have taken back the tunnel from Maki Magwaza?

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