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MaZet vs Tyson – Lockdown

13 May 2019
Thabazimbi’s heavy weights go head-to-head
tyson vs mazet

We always knew MaZet and Tyson were the Thabazimbi giants, but they seemed to coexist. Or so we thought…

Remember when Monde was brought to Thabazimbi and was instantly targeted by Tyson – the only person who came to her rescue was MaZet. Monde was saved from Tyson’s clutches from that day on.

Could it be that the beef between the two start there?

Things have escalated between the pair since those days. Tyson now owns the drug tunnel and MaZet wants back in to be able to send her pregnant daughter Nkuli money.

It will be a fight to the death to see who ends up taking the tunnel – Tyson or MaZet. If Tyson wins, she also gets MaZet.

Tyson is the jail’s boxing champ, with many wins under her belt. On the other hand, MaZet is a tough cookie who has been fighting for her life from a young age. Will experience beat fighting spirit?

Or should MaZet sit this one out because of the threat to Nkuli?

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