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Bow down prisoners! – Lockdown

12 June 2019
How Masabata took over Thabazimbi!
bow down masabata lockdown

Thabazimbi has seen many women in charge. MaZet seemed to be the leader of the pack but after she was shot, she lost control of the drug tunnel and subsequently Thabazimbi to Tyson.

Just as Tyson was enjoying the good life as Governor Deborah Banda’s favourite prisoner, Maki Magwaza cut a deal and was soon enjoying the perks of being head honcho in charge.

Now, there is a new wave of control and leader rising in Thabazimbi. The blind Masabata may not be able to physically see but she managed to bring the Thabazimbi big wigs to their knees and Tyson and MaZet are most likely next. No one could ever have imagined that Masabata would have such a hold over everyone in the prison. Let’s take a look at all her recruits and who could be next.


Sue, by her own admission, has always been attracted to serial killers and cult leaders, so it makes sense that she would join the Masabata camp. How will Masabata end up using her?


Masabata’s first surprising recruit has to be Monde. We never thought Monde would turn to Masabata but after she seemingly helped Katlego, Masabata seemed to be the mother she needed.

Little did she know, Masabata was using Katlego to do her work. Now that Masabata has lead Katlego to jail and driven the sisters so far apart they have become enemies, Monde has jumped ship. Will Katlego see the real light and leave Masabata.


From the moment she set foot in Thabazimbi, Maki has been feared by everyone. She came in to destroy MaZet and almost succeeded. She was running the tunnel until Masabata had it stripped from her. After everything, Maki turned to Masabata’s way of doing things and has since joined the cult.



It looks like running the Thabazimbi drug empire will fall into Tyson and MaZet’s hands. However, Masabata has made a promise that all the drug money in the jail will one day belong to her lord.

Does that mean Tyson and MaZet will be the next to bow down to Masabata?

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