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Only ONE Queen

23 October 2017
There is only room for ONE queen in Thabazimbi. Will it be Maki Magwaza or Deborah Banda?
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The happenings behing the Thabazimbi gates have always been unruly. Now, a new power has been put in place to shut down all chaos and it seems that instead of putting an end to it all, the chaos may rise to meet the challenge before it. Simply put, it is a war against Maki Magwaza and Deborah Banda and there can only be ONE queen! 

Maki Magwaza is a woman with an aex to grind. She entered the gates of Thabazimbi tied up like a violent bull in heat, injuring a number of jail officials in her transfer. It seems her name Maki Magwaza is very fitting. It is clear that she has every intention of taking over the jail as head woman in charge amongst the inamtes as well as taking down Deborah Banda. But does she also have an axe to grind with MaZet? 

Who is Maki really after? Who has sent her? How will she get her revenge? 

Deborah Banda has no time for incompetence and playing second fiddle in the Thabazimbi value-chain. Upon her arrival, she converted a store room into Beauty's office and took over the bewildered warden's office and boardroom. She is out to clean up the mess Beauty has created in the jail and will stop at nothing to make sure she does just that. However, is there more to Deborah than meets the eye? 

What is Deborah really doing in Thabazimbi? Why is there such deep hatred between her and Maki Magwaza? Who will be the head queen in charge in the end? 

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