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Wedding 101 with SomHale! - LTDWSomizi

12 September 2019
Working on walking down the aisle soon? Here are some key things to remember when planning your big day!
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Mzansi's favourite couple is well on their way to getting hitched! Every Thursday night we join Somizi and Mohale as the navigate friends, family and wild wedding plans leading up to their glorious big day!

So to celebrate the love birds we decided to take a look at some of the key things you need to consider and work on if you're planning to tie the knot sometime soon! Here's our Wedding 101 with SomHale:

Location Is Key

First things first. Sishadisa kupi? Location is crucial for not just the couple but the guests too! Thankfully though the options are endless. While traditional weddings are generally held at a homestead, the subsequent 'white wedding' can be held in the lap of luxury at a decadent hotel or be a beautiful intimate affair in a small setting.

If you truly want to go ultra-luxe (and eliminate a few unwanted guests 👀) a destination wedding might be exactly what you want and need. Just make sure that black card is prepped and ready 🌚

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Perhaps the toughest part of working on a wedding is deciding who gets to come. Community is part and parcel of our DNA so it truly is hard leaving people out. But with bottles of bubbles and salmon tartare not coming cheap, you have to ask yourself if that Aunt you last saw when we had M-Net Open Time is worth adding to list.

Be careful though. Enemies greater than Cersei Lannister have been made through guest list elimination. Choose wisely! 💆

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It goes without saying weddings can quickly become insanely expensive! Work out the numbers carefully. Re-think that chapel entrance that involves a helicopter and 100 white doves. Sometimes keeping it simple doesn't mean it has to look and feel cheap. So work within your budgets and make sure you don't over extend yourself.

Remember, after the wedding nizoba niyi-two endlini. Don't break the bank! 💁

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Work on that wardrobe

Trust the camera phones are going to be out and clicking away! So it's imperative that you slay for the gods! Your wedding outfits form the cornerstone of the big day and will be immortalised forever in your big day's photo album. Don't cut corners and make sure you pick a tailor who delivers nothing but excellence, on time! 👰

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Food, glorious food!

This just might be our favourite part! Nothing gets people talking about a wedding like the food they had. Thankfully most people are quite simple to please. As long as the food is well prepared, served on time and packed with flavour, you're guaranteed to have some happy attendees who'll be super grateful they made it to the guest list.

If budget allows though we won't say no to some butter & herb baked oysters and seared rosemary ostrich medallions served with garlic rustic potatoes and French bordeaux. Who are we to say no to free food? 🙇

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Lastly, weddings can be a stressful affair. Last minute hiccups, small issues and unexpected changes can derail the special day and have you more focused on problem solving that celebrating love. Don't let the memories of your nuptials be tainted by dark memories. Should problems arise, keep it going, keep it flowing. You ultimately can't control everything.

It's your big day and you deserve to enjoy every second of it!

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