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TT Mbha is back! – LTDWSomizi

16 July 2019
Mzansi peeps missed Somgaga and TT Mbha’s friendship. Now, he is back in season four.
tt mbha back on ltdwsomizi

Is there anything better than the banter between TT Mbha and Somizi?

Somgaga’s realtor friend was missing in season 3 but it seems the two are back on track and we’ll be seeing a lot of TT in season. Needless to say, Mzansi peeps are over the moon.

Whether the pair are talking about a dinner or why TT was not in season 3, they pull no punches. Somizi and TT tell it to each other like it is with a sprinkling of each one’s own unique humor.

Here is why you are happy to see TT Mbha back on the show.

Somizi and TT keep it real with each other

The banter between Somizi and TT is unrivaled. Every sentence is a sharp shot or a pearl of wisdom. We are also here for all the laughs. 

TT is a great addition to the show

If there is one person who is not afraid to tell Somizi exactly what is on his mind, it's TT. Somizi planning a big wedding and TT wants to know if he will be one of the groomsmen – someone else may be afraid to ask if they are on the list but TT is straight up about it. Do you think he should be one of the groomsmen?

They have that old school friendship

You know you're old friends when you behave more like siblings than just friends. 

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