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FIVE reasons to get excited about LTDWSomizi!

10 July 2019
Three seasons of living the dream and a fourth finally here, here is why you need to do your happy dance!
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Somizi’s is the people’s favourite, whether he is dropping gems or we are following him as he lives out his busy life. He has given us three seasons of laughter, wisdom, passion and a key into his life…what will he bring in season four?

Well, here is everything we know you should be getting excited about!

  1. He is planning a big wedding

Mzansi loves Somgaga no matter what he is up to. But you really need to get excited about seeing our fav planning his epic wedding! Somizi asked Mohale to marry him in a romantic proposal in Paris in season three; if that is anything to go by, the wedding will be even more epic and romantic.

  1. Idols SA is back!

If you can’t get enough of Somizi during his reality show, you can always catch him on #IdolsSA every Sunday at 17:30. Now, who doesn’t like a double dose of their fav?

  1. He is bigger and better

We know, Somizi can’t possibly get any bigger and better than he already is, but actually he can. Did you see his Durban July outfit? Clearly, we can expect more of Somizi as we have never seen him before; que the heart palpitations and snatched edges.

  1. He gets personal

Somgaga seems to live his life as an open book, but you can always return to your favourite read and find something new. This season, Somizi also allows us to get to know Palesa, the mother of his daughter.

  1. TT is back!

You may have missed him in the previous season, but expect to see all of Somizi’s amusing interactions with friend TT again!

BONUS: Somizi and Queen B made up! 

It may be old news but Mzansi is still excited about Somizi and Bonang’s make up! Will we be seeing Queen B on #LTDWSomizi season four?

Stay tuned every Thursday at 20:00 starting 11 July 2019 to find out!