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Life With Moshe


Why we're obsessed with Life With Moshe

27 February 2024
Moshe Ndiki's reality show is giving!
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Moshe Ndiki's journey to fatherhood has been a fave since its made it's debut. The show is bringing ,love, laughter, emotions and insight into an intricate journey with surogacy. 

We have a seat at the table and we're here for it. Here are all the reasons we're living for with the reality show.

1. The most supportive glamma 

Lilana Ndiki 'Glamma'

One thing about Mama Lilana Ndiki, she will support her son. We love her energy and wise counsel that continues to help Moshe during this transition. She also plays an important role in the twins life, taking care of them and using her years of experience to shower them with love. 

2. An inspiring love story


Our fave has been through the most kwi relationships and was prepared to walk the journey to fatherhood alone. Fate was on his side when he met the love of his life who has stepped up to the occassion. Mzi is sweet and very supportive of Moshe and they're flourishing ke sana.

3. A great surrogate and birth mother

Siphokhazi has won the heart of the nation as a surrogate who deeply cares and loves her birth children. She has a big heart, is a great friend. Mzansi is rooting for her and we love the support Moshe is giving her postportum. Definitely friendship goals.  

4. SA's cutest babies 

Ntaba and Thalanda are gorgeous okay! 🤩 We have the privellege to witness their first months and we're just so obsessed with this duo. 

One thing about Moshe? He is definitely blessed to have this supportive system and he makes such an amazing, fun and responsible dad.

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