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Heart -warming moments on Life With Moshe

28 April 2024
Here's to a beautiful season.🥂
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Moshe Ndiki's journey to fatherhood has been a fave. The show has brought us love, laughter, emotions, and insight into an intricate journey with surrogacy. Highlighting the bonding moments between his surrogate and his tribe.  

1. Moshe and Siphokazi's special bond 

Despite Sipokazi's controversial family politics at the end of the pregnancy journey, Moshe and his surrogate shared a deep and special bond. A friend who gave up nine months of her life to give birth to one of her best friends' twins, what could be more special than this reality unraveling before us? 

2. Mzi and Moshe's special moments

We loved all the moments Mzi proved to be supportive of Moshe during this complicated journey. He instantly adopted Moshe's stresses and joys around the twin's arrival. The two often had hard conversations about their sexuality, their relationship and the role to be played in Thalanda and Ntaba's upbringing. We loved to see our fave fighting for love and having a safe space to share his true fears and feelings. 

2. The gorgeous baby shower 

Moshe was beaming with excitement during his baby shower. His family and friends' continuous support was beautiful to witness. 

3. The birth of Thalanda and Ntaba 

We were so excited to be a part of Thalanda and Ntaba's birth story. From Grandma Lilana's prayer and seeing Moshe's face flooding with emotions at the reality that his dream of fatherhood finally came true.

4. The twins' first photoshoot

Newborn photoshoots capture the fleeting moments of infancy, creating lasting memories that evoke emotions and tell the story of a family's love and journey into parenthood. Seeing Mama Lilana, Moshe and Mzi swoon over Thalana and Ntaba was truly heart-warming.

This journey encapsulates the essence of love, resilience, and the transformative power of human connection. As the season ends, viewers are left with a deeper appreciation for the beauty of surrogacy and the importance of creating a more inclusive and compassionate world.

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