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Sacrificing everything for marriage – Lenyalo Ha se Papadi

17 February 2023
Mpho’s mother lays it down as she sees it.
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It’s been a rough time in this here household since Mpho and Desmond decided to get a divorce but let’s take it back to where it all began.


Chaos, chaos and more chaos

It’s been roses and laughter for a long time but now money and dreams not being realised has unfortunately resulted in the end of their marriage. Mpho has been wanting to open a bakery for a long time but plans and life get in the way Desmond figures it’s best to spend their savings on taking his nephew in and putting him through school.

While planning a surprise for his wife, Desmond quickly realises that it was the worst idea when Mpho mentions that she wants a divorce.


Family intervenes

As with most families, they both needed their parents to step in and try to remedy their marriage (more Desmond than Mpho really) but that didn’t pan out how he hoped it would. Taking in his brother’s son was where it all went south and although that may be seen as an honourable thing in the parents’ eyes, it wasn’t all that to Mpho.  

Sacrifice and more sacrifice is what Mpho’s mother has been preaching to her because that’s what she believes marriage is about, but her daughter feels like that’s what she has always done and maybe she needs to take care of her now. She went on to say that she must always dedicate her life and continue to sacrifice her dreams for her family because that should be her only and biggest priority.

Needless to say they were all the gate saying goodbye to their grandchildren by the end of day.


The big D word

Divorce has been on the table for much longer than Desmond realises but Mpho has made up her mind and she’s choosing her happiness.


The chaos continues now that they've decided remain in the same house. Don't miss #LenyaloHasePapadi Mondays at 20:00 on #MzansiMagic.