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Doing whatever it takes to save the marriage

20 March 2023
They have been going through it but it’s not over yet.
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It's been a rocky road that was starting to look like it will never be smooth again between Mpho and Desmond since problems in their marriage resulted in Mpho wanting to get a divorce. Despite many attempts to try and win her back, Desmond finally decided to grant her the divorce. 

Finding their way back to each other 

It all started when Desmond and Mpho decided to start seeing other people and enter the dating world, crusty as they are at it after so long but it quickly went south and got tricky when that world and their daughter's started to exist in the same place. While Desmond was having the time of her life in the club and making it rain on his date, his daughter was in the same place and called him out after, but not before pointing out the fact that his date was her age. Awks! 😬

Fixing the marriage

Now that the couple found their way back in bed together and decided to call in the parents, it was evident that they feel like what they have is still very much there.

Their parents are never stingy with advice one thing about them and they were more than pleased when their children decided that they are willing to do anything that they can to make sure that they get to a better place. Listen, all the ideas came through, the parents thought a spiritual take would be great by making Desmond go to church and get cleansed while the mothers saw it fitting for Mpho to take their cooking class.

It's chaotic but maybe the madness might just lead them to being together again, in a healthy way. 


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