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When being lavish is not enough

09 January 2023
Khulu and Zozi’s love was #couplegoals until it wasn’t.
Family portait of Zozi's family

We were all drawn into Zozi’s wondrous world where luxury reigns supreme and loving family and friends are not lacking. What more could Zozi want? More, of course. The more we got into her world, the quicker we started seeing the cracks in this perfect world full of sparkly smiles and fine suits.


Her supportive and most loved husband had eyes for her sister Mpumi. After many stolen looks and moments in the kitchen, they finally sealed their passion with a kiss that made them forget where they were, the time and how wrong this was. They were interrupted by their helper, who looked on disapprovingly. This, however, did not deter them as what they felt was too strong to give up. Khulu made it very clear that he was not about to give Mpumi up. This would have been an exciting twist had he had the chance to pursue his new love. As short as it was, their love story left a lasting impression on Mpumi’s heart but stained Zozi’s heart.


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She caught them in the act, which stopped their charade, love, and, regrettably, Khulu’s life. As he lay on the ground with the life bleeding out of him, Zozi gave birth to anger and newfound hate for her now late husband. At that moment, she stood frozen over his lifeless body; her dreams died with him. We can also say her heart as one thing is for sure, she loved Khulu with all her soul and mind, and she realised that her perfect husband was not so perfect after all. That became a reality that she is now unable to live with. We all fell in love with Zozi and Khulu as a family and what they had built, so to see it crumble in such a way broke many hearts. Not to mention what it did to Shaka, as he had a great relationship with his father. We keep hoping he will come out of the barrel concussed and all will be well, but that is a reality that is so far-fetched since, in this world, death is always so imminent. Playing with fire and hoping it will not burn you is a game they all play and have become very good at. Unfortunately, Khulu played a little too close to the fire this time and was engulfed by it.


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