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Five Reasons Why Mam'Mkhize is Goals

20 February 2020
Thursdays are inspirational and here's why.
5 reasons kwa mammkhize is goals

Shawn Mkhize dazzled Mzansi and almost broke the internet with her fabulous mansion, her flashy cars and her infectious personality!

She has one of the most lavish lifestyles of Mzansi's reality stars.

Kwa Mam Mkhize had spurred a frenzy on social media with the chopper, the cars and her beloved Danisimo coordinating her wardrobe.

But along the way we've discovered there's more to the mother of our nation. 

Akiri we love everything about her, and here's a list to express why: 

1. Giving is power 

Mam Mkhize is involved in various charity work and gives generously to those around her, in an episode of Kwa Mam Mkhize we saw her give school shoes and sanitary pads to Umlazi ComTech High School. We fell just a little more in love with her when she said 'Giving is power' - we felt that. "With giving back to the community, I would like to instil this principle in Andile and I believe he is accustomed to giving." Shawn said. 

2. Knowledge is power 

Shawn has been through a lot, but she's strong and wise because of it. She often uses her platform on Twitter and the show to share words of wisdom. When going through hardships Mother of the Nation is steadfast and strong, in her words “Amandla endoda awapheli.” She also shares inspirational 'thought of the day' on Twitter , as seen below. 

3. Heritage is power 

Shawn may be rich but she keeps true to herself, we saw her pay a visit to her hometown and pay homage to her mother,  late ANC veteran and anti-Apartheid activist. While at her family home, they played a childhood game called uShumpu. Mam Mkhize, may be rich but she doesn't forget where she comes from. We absolutely adore her for that! 

4. Making waves in the sports industry

Mam Mkhize is a business women who has an economic impact in sports, she owned PSL football club, Royal Eagles FC. She also sponsors the Royal AM which won the 2010/11 Vodacom League Mpumalanga champions as Sivutsa Stars. It would later gain promotion to the NFD. We love how she's dominating a male industry. 

Tune into Kwa Mam Mkhize Thursdays at 9 PM, use the hashtag #KwaMamMkhize to join in on the conversation. 

5. She's got dance moves

Shawn is not just the lady killing it in the boardroom, she's got moves on the dancefloor as well. Take a look at her and Sbahle celebrating Andile's song: 

To see even more reasons to love Shawn Mkhize, stay tuned to #KwaMamMkhize every Thursday at 20:00!

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