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The royal wedding: Jama weds Londiwe – Komkhulu

15 May 2023
Jama weds Londiwe in a beautiful traditional ceremony
Komkhulu, Komkhulu wedding

To Mzansi's despair, Jama and Londiwe's wedding happened while Karisa was nowhere to be found. Many were hopeful that Karisa would stop the wedding, but there was no denying how beautiful the wedding was. A true celebration of culture and Ndebele natives, Mzansi loved the royal wedding despite hating Jama. 

All the things we loved about it here:

1. Wisdom from the elders  👵

The bride-to-be was sequestered with the elderly women in her family to learn about the responsibilities of her new role as a royal wife. Londiwe's family had to ensure she would stay respectful and fulfill all the expectations her new family have for her.

2. Lots of traditional dancing 👯

We loved to see the young maidens in the community sing and dance, as well as the elderly men dance with their Ndebele knobkerrie. 

3. The traditional couture 

We loved to see Londiwe in her bridal attire, we also learned that Ndebele brides cover up their faces as a sign of respect during their ceremony. She looked beautiful as she was adorned in bridal Ndebele attire. 

4. The romantic words 😍

Jama and Londiwe pledged their loyalty and love to one another during the ceremony, we loved to hear Londiwe refer to Jama by using his clan names and the beautiful term 'Ndabezitha' meaning My king. 

This is what Mzansi had to say about the wedding:

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