KFC Taste Kitchen

Journey to the finale: Natasha and Nandi

05 October 2017
Unlikely duo defy the odds and make it to the finale Kitchen
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Natasha and Nandi both auditioned for the KFC Taste Kitchen reality show as individuals yet it seemed they were destined to walk this journey together. Natasha had originally been paired with Ngcingci but opted to choose another partner citing a lack of chemistry between them. Nandi on the other hand had just been dropped by her original partner Sheriff and both ladies chose to pair up instead. A move that has now proven to be the best decision they both could make.

The chemistry between these strong willed and competitive women was very evident for every one to see and though the age difference was clear, the mutual respect both women showed towards each other was constantly reflected in their interactions. Their personalities shone through especially when things didn’t go their way, there were some squabbles in and outside the kitchen with a few tear drops shed in the process. These squabbles however, seemed to have a very positive effect on the pairing as they somehow managed to channel all their energies into their cooks in the KFC Taste Kitchen.

Such dynamic performances have powered them into becoming one of the final two duos in the competition and they are looking good for the top prize. Think they have what it takes to win the Show? Tune in on Friday at 19:00hrs as the winner of Season 1 of the KFC Taste Kitchen show will be revealed.

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