KFC Taste Kitchen

Mystery Box Ingredients: Episode 7

25 August 2017
The duos were all shocked to find these in their mystery boxes.
Mystery Box 9.40.42 AM

  • Couple 1: Broccoli, sour cream, green beans, tinned chakalaka
  • Couple 2: Zucchini, salad cream, green beans, tinned sweetcorn
  • Couple 3: Plum tomatoes, mustard, green beans
  • Couple 4: Cauliflower, sour cream, green beans
  • Couple 5: Cauliflower, salad cream, jalapeno,
  • Couple 6: Okra, mustard, green beans
  • Couple 7: Brinjal, sour cream, jalapeno

What would you have made?