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The rise of Diamond Makhoba – Isithembiso

28 June 2019
Diamond has always been the underdog, but he's on the come up!

Diamond has been through the most it seems things are finally looking up for him. He's always been the underdog, constantly under Kero's shadow but with the Milner's relaunch he proved he's on the come up!  We give you four reasons why we've certified him as the ultimate comeback king! 

1. From the bottom of the bottle to an entrepreneur 

When his relationship with Vivian ended, Diamond went down and under. He spiralled into alcoholism and stopped believing in himself. We are happy he's no longer sleeping on his couch with no drive or vision. Look at him now, all focused on Milners and making sure it pops. 

2. The glow up is real

When you break up with an ex who levelled up, we all know the ultimate payback is a glow up! We want him to move up in life and show Vivian that it's truly her loss. We're already seeing him all suited up and dressed to kill! New look, who that? 

3. Milner's is changing the game 

Diamond is he's creating employment opportunities for the youth, When The Panther shut down, Sne and the girls really struggled to find jobs. Milner's has got them back into the employment bracket and we're here for it. It's also the new hot spot for unearthing upcoming musicians and talent. 

4. The Makhoba's are trending

If it's any family that could pull off a successful relaunch, it's this family! Yes there was some Flow- T drama but at the end of the day they delivered. We want the Makhoba family to trend for all the right reasons and to generate some family wealth. With Zo now on the Woke Drive, there's no doubt they will continue to trend. 

The Milner's launch was a big hit, and it's safe to say that Milner's started things off with a bang! We're happy for Diamond, and we're sure even with the challenges he will continue to rise. Tune into #Isithembiso week days at 7:30 pm.