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Sex in exchange for good grades – Isithembiso

31 October 2019
Professor Jele takes advantages of his authority.
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Professor Jele, or 'Prof' as his students would fondly refer to him, has a dirty secret. He takes advantage of young girls, under the pretence of care and lures them into having sex with him in exchange for good grades.

Special treatment

When Mbali came to Jele to ask for an extension, she got more than the extension. She confessed to Jele that she couldn't submit because of boy problems and he gave her a should  to cry on and an added 85% for her problems . Meanwhile, the flirtatious behaviour between the two started to escalate.

Officially an item

Mbali finally confessed to Jele that she was feeling him and kissed him, he pulled away not because he doesn't want to,  but because he has plans to make their arrangement a bit more official. After they slept together, he started showering her with lavish gifts and secret escapades . Mbali thought she had an official relationship with Prof when she tells him she loves him.

Me Too

After Mbali confesses her relationship to a prying Snegugu, Sne goes to confront Jele only to bring up the past they shared. In second year, Sne slept with Prof in order to pass her studies. She reflects on how she was desperate and how he took advantage of her, but Jele threatens to expose that she didn't qualify for her second year should she expose him to the dean. 

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Sne confronts Jele

More than one

We soon discover that Professor Jele has another sexual relationship with a student desperate for good marks, he spoils her and bribes her with red roses and expensive gifts. 

Deal or no deal

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Kandy and Prof

Kandy soon becomes Professor Jele's target when she comes to him asking for help and extra tutoring. She desperately needed to get a good average for her exam in order to score an internship with a reputable firm. At first Jele plays the nice guy, until he gives kandy an ultimatum, to have sex with him or fail. Kandy is shocked when she realises that her lecturer is a predator. 


Kandy convinces Sne to tell Mbali about Proff, but Mbali refuses to listen and accuses them of being jealous. She later shares the lift with Professor Jele's other victim. She recognises the neckpiece is identical to hers and connects the dots about her 'loving' boyfriend. She discovers that her friends were right all along.

Tune into Isithembiso weekdays at 7:30 pm to see if Kandy and the girls expose Prof Jele. We're certain Mbali won't take the betrayal lying down, but will she implicate herself and her friends? 

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