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New love for Simi – Isithembiso

31 October 2019
There's a new bae in town...and he's trouble.
<p>Simi and KG&nbsp;</p>

We were all devasted when Simi and Zamani called it quits. Especially when Zamani moved on at lightning speed and found his other half in Ayanda.

While Simi had school and Baby Sthembiso to think about, we all saw she felt a little lonely. We just didn't think a criminal on the run would steal her heart.

We all know the saying that goes 'bad boys are no good and good boys are no fun."

Possibly Simi just likes the drama:

A wounded love

Simi met KG at the hospital works in, when he was rushed in for gun wounds . He was later kidnapped by his brother at gunpoint, in order to make sure the police don't track them down. Simi soon discovered that the thug life wasn't his choice, but that rather life had fed him a bad deal. 

The Private nurse and the criminal on the run

Simi managed to track him down and treat his wound with stolen hospital supplies, all the while, falling for him and his potential to live a decent life. She risked her life by going to his place, which he shared with his ruthless criminal brother. But she knew that his wound would be infected if she didn't risk it all. 

The two spoke about life, dreams and how his life could possibly change if he took another direction...it's obvious she inspires him to be someone better and purposeful! 

A fresh start 

Fast forward to some time, and Simi manages to get the dean at the University to consider taking KG on as an art student, after pitching up with his portfolio. For a while, it seemed as if things would change for the better when he was given the opportunity to apply for a bursary. 

Simi even introduced KG to her friends after some time, and it all seemed to be going well until his brother showed up at Milners and caused chaos. No matter how hard he tried, it seems he always had to pick between the past and the future. 

The interfering ex

After KG's brother stole Zamani's wallet, Zamani started a mission to take him down. We're aren’t too sure if Zamani is jealous that Simi has finally moved on, or if he genuinely thinks Simi deserves better.  He approached KG and warned him to stay away from Simi because she has her son to think about and he was just an unnecessary distraction. 

Poor KG believed him and told Simi it's best they stay away from eachother...poor Simi was devasted.

However, we're certain this is not the end for this forbidden love. We all know Simi likes to save the underdog, so wonder what the future holds for Bonnie and Clyde 2.0. Tune into #IsithembisoMzansi every week day at 7:30 pm to see all your faves!

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