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Sibusiso's investigation – Isithembiso

05 June 2019
The R10 million and the big secret is getting harder to keep with Titus on his tail!
<p>R10 Million&nbsp;</p>

It came as a shock when Sibusiso found out Chester's father had died, but he was never ready for the R10 million inheritance! While the prospect of all that money sounds great, there's one man standing in the way of Sibusiso's best life - Titus.

Titus has uncovered the truth about his fake identity and is now is asking for R1.8 million from Sibusiso's first pay out. Well, some might think it's a no brainer, but the first pay-out is only R2 million! 

Reasons why we think Chester should pay out the cash: 

Cause two hundred thousand rand and freedom are a good deal

If you could wake up with an extra 200K in cashflow and keep your freedom, wouldn't you? Don't remember how it all went down? Watch the moment it all began to crumble for Cheez below: 

Chester just wants to help his brother 

1559760576 34 screen shot 2019 06 05 at 20.48.30
A brothers love

Chester wants to help his brother go to school, and we feel like taking this deal is a start. The 200K might not be enough to pay for St Ignatius but it might help him go back to school, period. 

The R10 million comes with good terms and conditions

1559761483 34 screen shot 2019 06 05 at 21.04.08

We love our Chester, but he can be a bit of an antagonist at times. If he takes the deal, he gets a pay out when he graduates, get's married or becomes a father. Down the line, his values will have to switch up and we're ready to see him be the good guy we know he is. 

We don't want to see our fave in jail

1559763144 34 screen shot 2019 06 03 at 18.44.50
Past Lovers

We don't know why we want to see this bad guy win, but we do. Plus a little eye candy on our screens doesn't hurt! We are suckers for love and even though Palesa is flirting with Nhlamulo, we  feel like they might be a chance for these two if he plays his cards right) .

Well, something's got to give.  

1559762036 34 screen shot 2019 06 05 at 17.53.26
Questions for Titus

There is no honour among thieves, so it's either Cheez pays the money or his life will never be the same. Yes, he runs the risk of Titus returning after every pay out, but we think he should risk it all for a chance to be a millionaire before he's 30!

Looks like Cheez has finally found his match, but what he decide to do in this situation? Tune into Isithembiso weekdays at 7:30 pm and join in the hashtag using #IsithembisoMzansi 

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