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There's a new medium in town – Ubizo

14 April 2020
The Season Premiere of Ubizo was all kinds of intriguing.

Meet Lloyd, a gifted medium who brings out messages from beyond. His calling and sole purpose is to bring healing by unblocking that which is getting in the way for people. In case you missed all the action in the season premiere, you can catch all the tea below and trust us it's hot: 

What is Mzansi's verdict? 

The show didn't disappoint and Mzansi gave it their stamp of approval. We break down why Mzansi loves it so much: 

1. A show for us, by us.

Shows about mediums have existed in the Western context, but what's particularly different about this show, is how Lloyd deals with a lot of African issues, connecting with ancestors and leaning on them for signs and guidance. Mzansi audiences feel like they can relate to the content and they are here for this. 

2. The perfect medium. 

Mzansi have taken a liking to Lloyd. His calm, assertive yet gentle nature won over his audience. He made a good an impression with how he used a white board to unpack his findings. This showed a keen interest in making sure the seeker understood and recieved the best outcome. 

3. The perfect balance.

Lloyd perfectly fused spirituality, God and ancestral beliefs which made a perfect balance for the objective viewer.

4. This is the content they signed up for! 

Llloyd revealed some very personal things that nobody could have told him and this left Mzansi hooked and shooketh. When it’s all said and done, this show left a lasting impression.

5. We want in! 

Mzansi was so impressed with Lloyd that they want to contact him for their own personal readings too, enquiring on how they can get hold of Wethu's resident medium. Nothing says we're down for something than participation! 

We can't wait to see what Lloyd has in store for us in weeks to come. Catch Ubizo Saturdays at 19:30 on Mzansi Wethu and repeat shows on Tuesdays at 20:00. 

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