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Food for thought – Ubizo

20 May 2020
Reverend Getty Zathu and Lloyd talk spirituality and religion.

Reverend Getrude Zathu is a 47-year-old woman in ministry, who deeply wanted to reconnect with her mother who used to visit her in her dreams.

Lloyd picked up that Reverend Zathu had a natural healing power of hands.

Growing up she used to have dreams of being on a mountain and praying to a large crowd.

She always wanted to be a nurse, which was her innate spirit yearning to heal those around her. 

He noticed that her ancestors had given her the power of healing too.

Zathu's ancestors were pleased with her calling as a Reverend, they just had one request - for her to tap into the African spiritual side as well. 

Different but same 

Reverand Zathu couldn't seem to find the balance between her religion and African Spirituality,

Lloyd assured her that the healing power comes from one God. 

This gave Mzansi food for thought.

Serving the one doesn't mean disowning the other he assured her. 

African spirituality and religion are mutually exclusive to serving God.

Lloyd also reveals that she had her very own spirit guide who was there by her side. 

To her surprise, Lloyd even picked up on her ability to connect other ancestors and it's this precise reason her ancestors wanted her to find the balance. 

They urged her to pray for people using their guidance and God's guidance. 

"When we speak of spirituality or spiritual things, we’re speaking of how you should follow the creator and ancestors' guidance.” 


In a time where it's often a war between religions, Lloyd breaks a stereotype that forces many to choose. 

He's a game-changer! This what Mzansi has to say:



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