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Will Ntandane ever find love? – Isibaya

17 October 2019
He’s too shy to approach the new girl, Nkosazana who has caught his eye.

If unlucky in love was ever a person, it would definitely be Ntandane! The poor fellow took months to get over Buhle and we weren’t quite sure he’d ever be interested in anyone, until Nkosazana came along.

We don’t know much about her, except this:

She’s MaMnisi’s niece

No, we all know how MaMnisi rolls. She doesn’t play! Remember how she almost dealt with Zebedewu when he almost ruined her business while she was away? If she ever gets wind of the fact that Ntandane has been trying to chat up her niece, there could be hell to pay!

She’s the most sought-after girl at the rank

Did you see how all the fellows at the rank crowded MaMnisi’s food stall the other day, just so they could get a chance to talk to Nkosazana, LOL!? Poor Ntandane! He probably has to outshine all those guys and get Nkosazana to notice and like him for who he is.   

That being said, here’s what we’re sure about Ntandane:

He is a shy fellow

That’s Ntandane for you! Nerves get the best of him. Twitter couldn’t get over the fact that he couldn’t even get a proper sentence out of his mouth when we walked up to Nkosazana to buy food, LOL!

He is a pushover

Look how he found himself having S’khaleni try hook him up with Nkosazana. Well, that didn’t get him anywhere!


Now, while he’s made it very clear that he likes her, what are his chances of getting the woman of his dreams, given all the facts above?

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