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FIVE things Sbu should do with his R20m – Isibaya

09 February 2021
All the ways we think Sbu should spend his millions instead of giving back to the Zungus.
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It was the shock that hit the Zungus in the reading of Sengwayo’s will. The head of the Zungu family had left R20-million of his estate to his late daughter Thandeka. That money now belonged to Sbu by virtue of marriage. Now, it seems the Zungus are not pleased with a Ndlovu holding so much of their riches, Mpihlangene is especially upset. We don’t think Sbu should give the money back, it is his fair and square. Snegwayo would want him to have it for his grandchildren who are under Sbu’s care.

So here is how we think Sbu should spend the money:

1. Save it for his children’s education and future

Sbu has one biological son with Thandeka and another that they adopted together. The cost of raising a child and education is fast rising and it would be amiss for Sbu to give back the money without at least making sure his children are set for life with the money their grandfather and mother would have left them.

2. Take a new wife or wives, and build a new family

Sbu has made it clear that he loves both Siza and Mabuyi. So why not use the money his father-in-law left him to follow in his polygamous footsteps and marry both ladies and build a new family. We know Mr Sibiya will charge an arm and a leg for Siza’s lobola so Sbu will need those millions.

3. Go on a holiday

Have you ever seen Sbu take a holiday? Even when Thandeka was around? We know the mountains and rivers of eBhubesini are stunning but a well-deserved holiday, maybe somewhere overseas is exactly what a widower like Sbu needs right now.

4. Build the house he wanted to build for Thandeka

Remember the house Sbu promised Thandeka? The one with the plan and their hopes and dreams? Well, maybe he could take the money Sengwayo gave him to build that house even though Thandeka is not there to live in it. It can be a monumental memory of their mother for her children.

5. Just keep it

We know Sbu works hard for his family. He certainly does not need Sengwayo’s money to give his children the best life possible but we are certain both Sengwayo and Thandeka would want him to keep it. To keep it just for himself, for all the years of love, dedication, servanthood and protection he gave Thandeka and the Zungus.

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