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Fenyang’s plan saves the day – Isibaya

06 September 2019
It prevents the NPA from seizing Mkabayi’s taxis.
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You had your doubts Mzansi, but Advocate Molefenyane’s plan worked like a charm and MaNcwane got to keep her taxis.

It was however, not met with warm hands by some members of the Zungu family initially.  Siphokazi was in the forefront opposing it and trusted family friend, Kgokong was also a little nervous and questioned how it would be executed.

They were not the only ones questioning Fenyang’s plan, as Twitter also had its doubts:  

MaNcwane was not about to give up her fleet to Fenyang, just like that! She had conditions, and made it very clear how she wants things to be done:

  1. She will be actively involved in managing her fleet by managing all the business paperwork and finances. 
  2. She wants a separate contract with Fenyang, stating that he will return all her fleet once the trial is over.

It is done! Now, part two of the plan kicks in. Who do the Zungu’s trust to manage Mkabayi’s fleet?


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