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31 August 2020
Mpiyakhe makes a return but finds all his children in turmoil and Dabula is running out of tricks and time to get Ntwenhle back.
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S8 Episode 107 : Tuesday 01 September 2020

Thokozani gives her mother advice. Siza tries to play nice but S’bu cuts her down to size. Phumelele and Fenyang are forced to deal with the truth about their relationship.

S8 Episode 108: Wednesday 02 September 2020

Qaphela is forced to tell Jerry the truth about what is going on between him and Thokozani. Mandla comes up with new temptation for Jabu. Mabuyi notices S’bu and Siza are growing closer.

S8 Episode 109: Thursday 03 September 2020

Mbodla takes Dabula’s life into his own hands. Jabu continues down a dark path of self-destruction, and Qaphela tries to comfort Thokozani as best he can, while Dabula makes a heartfelt play for Ntwenhle’s heart.

S8 Episode 110: Friday 04 September 2020

Dabula walks into a deadly trap, while Jabu continues to spiral out of control. Mabuyi overhears an incriminating phone call between Siza and Andile, and things go from bad to worse between Fenyang and Melusi.

S8 Episode 111: Monday 07 September 2020

Siphokazi tries to broker peace with the Ngubane chieftaincy. Mbomvu manipulates the situation to pit Dabula against the Zungus. Melusi hatches a plan against Fenyang, and Jabu has to contend with a shocking reunion.

S8 Episode 112: Tuesday 08 September 2020

Mpiyakhe is not happy about the state of things upon his return. Lillian is finally told the truth about Qaphela and Thokozani and she makes a surprising suggestion.

S8 Episode 113: Wednesday 09 September 2020

Mbomvu further stokes the flames of war between Dabula and the Zungus. Mpiyakhe and Jabu finally confront their differences. Thokozani manipulates the situation to get closer to Qaphela.

S8 Episode 114: Thursday 10 September 2020

Lillian and Saddam make a shocking discovery when meeting the mechanic. Jabu gets worked up about his father and Ntwenhle realises he is heading towards disaster. Fezile learns about the failed attack.

S8 Episode 115: Friday 11 September 2020

Mpiyakhe refuses to change his mind about Jabu, and Ntwenhle takes drastic steps to help the man she loves. Qaphela feels Thokozani is becoming a problem.

S8 Episode 116: Monday 14 September 2020

Khanyi offers Dabula new advice to win Ntwenhle back. Seeking the truth, Phumelele decides to confront her son and Saddam has a radical idea for how Lillian can help Qaphela.

S8 Episode 117: Tuesday 15 September 2020

Siphokazi demands the truth about Mpiyakhe. Phumelele challenges Fezile about what he did and Mkabayi is furious with her brother.

S8 Episode 118: Wednesday 16 September 2020

Siphokazi finally gets Mpiyakhe to open up to her. Qaphela and Saddam come face to face with the blackmailer. Mandla learns that Khanyi advised Dabula to find a new woman.

S8 Episode 119: Thursday 17 September 2020

Mbodla asks Mbomvu a big favour for an old friend. Jabu is plagued by vivid nightmares, and Thokozani struggles accepting her mother’s accusations.

S8 Episode 120: Friday 18 September 2020

Dabula manages to enrage Mandla when he shares what Mpiyakhe said about Ntwenhle. Qaphela stands up for his family. Jabu discovers the real pressure Ntwenhle is under.

S8 Episode 121: Monday 21 September 2020

Mabuyi tells S’bu that Sizakele is planning on playing him. Mbodla tries to be the voice of reason but the stakes are beyond his words. Mandla vows to not to let Mpiyakhe’s insult stand.

S8 Episode 122: Tuesday 22 September 2020

Lillian is worried about Ken and warns Qaphela and Saddam he will retaliate. S’bu chooses to see the good in Sizakele despite Mabuyi’s warning. Thokozani seeks unlikely help with her crush on Qaphela.

S8 Episode 123: Wednesday 23 September 2020

Rattled, Mkabayi tells S’Khaleni she wants him to drive her and the kids down to BBZ. Thokozani’s plans take an unexpected and terrifying turn. Mbomvu makes a startling discovery about Dabula.

S8 Episode 124: Thursday 24 September 2020

Phumelele’s concerns make her confront Fenyang with a difficult question. Qaphela wants to solve things the old way. Dabula seems to be moving on from Ntwenhle while Siza and S’bu appear to be getting closer.

S8 Episode 125: Friday 25 September 2020

Mkabayi is determined to rescue Thokozane. Iris is distraught about Manqoba’s strange behaviour. Sihle is drawing Dabula closer with her seduction. Skhaleni gives Mpiyakhe alarming news.

S8 Episode 126: Monday 28 September 2020

The Ngwenya’s suffer a shocking blow that makes everyone realise how dangerous Ken is. Mkabayi is in terrible distress about Thokozani. Melusi meets the gorgeous Londiwe.

S8 Episode 127: Tuesday 29 September 2020

Mpiyakhe is looking forward to Thokozani’s umemulo, unaware of the drama in Protea. Thokozani reminds us that she is a Zungu child. Iris creates ripples with her arrival at KwaManzini.

S8 Episode 128: Wednesday 30 September 2020

Phumelele wants to be at her daughters Umemulo in KwaManzini but is worried about Mpiyakhe. Mkabayi and Qaphela have revenge in their hearts.

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