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A Qondi and Fezile reunion? – Isibaya

15 August 2019
Can the former lovers find their way back to each other again?
Qondi and Fezile

Could Siphokazi’s attempt to play Cupid just before she left for Joburg have ignited a spark between former lovers, Qondi and Fezile?

Mzansi seems to think so. Here’s how Twitter feels about the two getting back together:

The two have certainly come a long way, both as a couple and individually. Their love was so strong, they’ve survived Bhekifa’s tricks, Fezile’s illness and Qondi rising to become regent of the village chieftancy.

Having gone through such difficult times together, what could possibly stand in their way this time? Here’s probably what:

Broken trust:

Their love was put to the test when feisty Cebisile Mkhize came into the picture and Fezile found himself caught between the two ladies. This love triangle affected their relationship immensely. Can they put this past them and rebuild the trust?    

They’re “married” to their responsibilities:

Qondi is devoted to her responsibilities to the chieftancy and Fezile’s loyalty lies with the Zungu family. Can the two lovers find balance between their lives and actually be together?

But let’s not forget the fact that it’s obvious there’s still that spark between the two, given what we’ve seen lately. Guess, we’ll all just have to wait and see if they're able to overcome everything and find their way back to each other.


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