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Star-crossed lovers – Isibaya

22 February 2019
No matter how much they try, love is just not in the air for these couples.
jabu and iris

Jabu and Iris

The Jabu and Iris love story dates back many years. However, not even time is on the side of this couple. Iris was once Jabu’s step-mother and is now the mother of Jabu’s brother, making their love an almost impossible one. The bond between them, however, remains strong, broken only once by Zama. Now, with Jabu forgiven for choosing Zama and back in Iris’ life, she has to choose between him and Manqoba because no matter what, their union is doomed.

"So what if you love me? What has love ever done for me? – Iris

Saddam and Lillian

An unlikely pair, Dam-Dam and Vava Voom’ s love has even gronw on Mzansi hearts. But the love story seems to be stop and start even for this couple. They have broken up on many occasions due to their age difference and trying to make things work in a gangster household. Perhaps the biggest tragedy to have faced the couple is losing their unborn son, Myeken’eze at just 25 weeks while Dam-Dam remains hospitalized. Will they ever be able to be together without any problems?

Dabula and Ntwenhle

Just when we thought Dabula had won Ntwenhle’s heart, he went back to his old criminal ways. Not only has he kidnapped MaMkhize, but he has also embroiled the Ndlovus in a corrupt mall deal that will leave them hated by their community and seen as crooks. Dabula seems to truly love Ntwenhle, but what has love got to do with it when Dabula is a kidnapping and corrupt criminal who just won’t change even when he has been chief of Bhubesini?

Bongani and Kentucky

It seemed to be the most unlikely break-up: Bongani and Kentucky had been together for years until Chief Dabula came onto the scene and whisked Kentucky away in a fling. Now, Bongani and Kentucky are no more and may never be together again, and Kentucky does not even have Bongani. Could there be reconciliation for the lovers?

Mpiyakhe and Sibongile

Just a day after her wedding to Mpiyakhe, Sibongile goes missing without a trace. Mpiyakhe has lost himself in the search for his third wife but it serves no good because he simply cannot find her. Things have never been easy for the pair. When Mpiyakhe was ready to make Sibongile his third wife, his two other wives were up in arms and managed to chase Sibognile away wailing. Finally, she is married into the family but barely gets to enjoy a few days as Mrs Zungu as she is kidnapped by Dabula. Is their love just not meant to be? Was it always just a mistake?