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Mpiyakhe and Sibongile A love story Isibaya

28 January 2019
From beginning to wedding, here’s how Mpiyakhe and Sibongile became Mr and Mrs Zungu.
mpiyakhe and sibongile article isibaya

She came in as detective Mkhize and now she is Mrs Zungu. Let’s take a look at the latest love story to unfold in eBhubesini!

Detective Mkhize

It all started when Detective Sibongile Mkhize would routinely visit the Zungu homestead eBhubesini to search for evidence in a number of cases involving Mpiyakhe Zungu. There was always a spark and slight flirting between the two which could not be explored because of the conflict of interest faced by Sibongile as a detective.

Drawn together by a common enemy – Judas Ngwenya ­– it was not long before Mpiyakhe and Sibongile became close, even working together at times.

Sibongile leaves the force

When Sibongile left the police force, Mpiyakhe was quick to offer her the position of CEO of Operation Khuculula. It seems Sibongile’s availability did not just open doors for career opportunities but for love too.

The affair

The chemistry between Mpiyakhe and Sibongile was quickly heating up and it wasn’t long before business meetings turned into late-night dinners and then a steamy affair the Zungu wives would frown upon. However, Mpiykahe did not just want a midnight squeeze in Sibongile, he had found his third wife.

Sibongile at MaMthembu’s mercy

Mpiyakhe soon told his wives about his love and intentions for Sibongile. She then came eBhubesini to spend a few days at the mercy of Mpiyakhe’s other wives and it was less than peachy. The soon-to-be Mrs Zungu left in a flurry of tears after practically beggin to become part of the Zungu family.

The night in prison that changed everything

Mpiyakhe and Sibongile’s wedding can actually be credited to Melusi. After Melusi was arrested and Siphokazi and S’khaleni quickly joined him, the only person they could call without telling Mpiyakhe is Sibongile. She came through and save the day, earning herself a place at Mpiyakhe’s side as his wife, with Siphokazi’s consent.

Mrs Zungu

Now, after the traditional Zulu wedding of the year, Sibongile is finally Mrs Zungu! What an unlikely love story!

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