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Mkabayi vs Zungu GirlfriendsWives Isibaya

19 December 2018
Is she just too overprotective of her brother and nephew?
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Mkabayi is polarizing, you either love or hate her. And that is how she feels about any woman hoping to make their way into the Zunu homestead via love – she either loves you or hates. It will most likely be the latter.

Here’s a brief look into the history of some of the women the Zungu men, namely Mpiyakhe and Jabu, dated and how Mkabayi reacted.


Mkabayi made no secret of the fact that she did not like Iris from the jump. The jury is still out on whether the two like each other now or are just civil. ManQ may be the only reason Mkbabayi tolerates Iris – because she gave birth to a Zungu son.

Remember when Mkabayi thought iris may be reigniting feelings for Mpiykahe? She was quick to let her know to let go of that pipe dream!

Sibongile Mkhize

Mkabayi and Sibongile go back way before she became Mpiykahe’s fiancé or even showed romantic interest in the taxi boss she was out to arrest. Mkabayi has still not forgiven Sibongile for failing to take down her biggest enemy, Judas Ngwenya. Judas terrorized the Manzini family going as far as to kidnap the Zungu children – something Mkabayi does not take lightly.

So when Sibongile came back to Sengwayo under his own invitation, she pulled no punches telling her exactly what she thinks about her possibly romantic relationship with her brother. The question is, can they all just get along not that Sibongile will be family?


To say Mimi was never ready for Mkabayi would be an understatement. MaNcwane is a lot to take in on any day, but when she catches you half naked in her house grabbing a snack she is bound to make your life a living hell. Mimi had to face Mkabayi’s wrath day and night until she was given 7 days to leave the Zungu house. But Jabu made sure she had left before then. If only she had stayed longer, it would have been interesting to see a Mkabayi vs Mimi showdown alhough we know who would end up winning.

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