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Isibaya When Karma came to bite

23 June 2017
The wheel turns on KaMajola as she finds herself trapped in an unlikely love triangle.

KaMajola’s marriage has been in trouble for the past couple of weeks now. Ever since it dawned on Samson that he has a major crush on Mabuyi. After a series of awkward moments and telling signs of romantic chemistry – as it turns out Gatsheni’s feelings were not unrequited – it has been both Mabuyi and her would-be father-in-law’s secret labour to keep their affair under wraps.

When, for a moment, he let his imagination run away with him Gatsheni asked Mabuyi for her hand in marriage. She would be his second wife. This is how things had escalated behind stolen glances and the sweet thought of all the possibilities.

Not before too long, MaKhanyi starts to smell a rat and it all started when Gatsheni’s indecently exposes himself and leaves traces of his indecent thoughts. KaMajola happens upon evidence and layer by layer, memory after memory unpacks the truth. She, naturaly, is unable to handle the truth.

But KaMajola is not the kindest nor is she good natured. She is often spurred on by her own selfish needs and has been infamously known to do bad at the cost of others.

It is hard to feel sorry for MaKhanyi, especially in this case. A little while back she planted the very seed that led to the destruction of Sbu and Thandeka’s marriage by campaigning that he take Mabuyi as his second wife. Her double standards and absolute vice have sadly been exposed. If Thandeka should’ve been able to take infidelity and polygamy by her own advice, what exempts her, as a married woman, from the same fate? Does anybody else think MaKhanyi is suffering the consequences of her actions?

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