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Isibaya The heist of stupidity

01 June 2017
Jerry's blunder flies in the face of Qaphela's hard, dirty work.
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There once was an idea that Qaphela had but then he roped Jerry. The first and last mistake that he made it would appear. In a desperate bid to raise money for Judas’ bail Qaphela had grand plans of secretly finding a way to Club Sheba’s safe and robbing them of a whole wad of cash.

Having lost all their jewels and riches, mansions, cars and all, the Ngwenyas are seriously out of pocket. After being chewed up and spat out by the Zungus, Judas lays on a hospital bed fighting for both his life and heavy jail time. On top of it all, he has no ways and means in which to help himself. So Beauty and Qaphela are battling to hold the fort because they have been left to pick up all the pieces of the mess that he made.


The Ngwenyas obviously can’t afford the bail amount so a big move was in order. The heist was that. A calculated plan. Qaphela reignited an old flame with Zanele and naturally, she fell for the trap hook line and sinker. After finessing and luring her in, she was going to be an easy way into the club’s secret money corners.

The closer he inched to the money, the trickier it became. Tricky because of Jerry. His inexperience and sheer daftness is going to cost Judas a lot.

Is the money gone for good?

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