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Isibaya Once a thug always a thug

16 June 2017
Judas is hoping to use Iris to make a big return, but Iris has her own plans.
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They say never kick a man when he is down. Why? Because people have been known to dust themselves off, get up and try again. Judas may have lost his riches but he certainly hasn’t lost his will to fight. While he may be a fighter, Judas is far from fighting the good fight. After all is said and done and all the blood and love lost, Judas remains a ruthless villain.

Indeed, once a thug, always a thug. The wicked ways that landed him on the wrong end of the rat race are the same misdeeds that will find him back on top. Hopefully.

Iris appears to be his ticket. After Qaphela and Beauty stole from her, Judas’ plans include luring her into doing business with the Ngwenyas and possibly displacing her in the near future, when he’s gotten everything he wants out of her.

But will Iris fall for this trick from the track?

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