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Isibaya Love overflowing

09 June 2017
Are these married men behaving badly?
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For arch rivals, Mpiyakhe and Gatsheni have a couple of things in common currently. Marriage has been left in back burner as they secretly pursue feelings of lust and longing towards other woman. Whether Gatsheni’s growing obsession of Mabuyi or Sengwayo’s brooding over Lethu are signs of true love, is another question altogether.

It could be said that Mpiyakhe and Lethu have an extraordinary bond having met when each of their true souls were under spiritual siege. As the feral Mgijimi, Mpiyakhe fell head over hills for the seductress and river queen, Nonhlanzi. While legend had it that she was known to drown every man that entered the river, she did the opposite with Mgijimi. She not only spared his life but she dispelled the unkempt spirit of Mgijimi from Mpiyakhe, and saved his life.

The memory of that act of kindness and love appears to have lingered beyond the river.

Is Gatsheni’s fixation of Mabuyi also fuelled over their history? This is not an easy question to answer because the man was ready to welcome Mabuyi into his family as Sbu’s second wife. That didn’t work out as planned after Mabuyi lost she and Sbu’s unborn son. Both MaKhanyi and Samson, still too fond of her, invited her to live with them as she also started to teach Gatsheni how to read and write.

When did Mabuyi move from being the adopted daughter to this…?

MaKhanyi is as clueless as ever. Will she take well to taste of her own medicine? Does Mabuyi really love Gatsheni?

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