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Get it together already!

13 October 2017
Is love on the horizon for our faves?
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We all have our faves. Favourite baddies, favourite goodies and even favourite couples. And because we’re all suckers for love (don’t you argue!), we find ourselves getting all warm and fuzzy inside over our faves who we reckon should go ahead and date. Because chemistry! Here’s a list of couples that we firmly believe should either get back together or get it together!   


Bambatha and Palesa

These two have grown on us. A flirtation that started out as something of a varsity fling between the ‘It girl’ and the ‘student leader’ blossomed into much more than just that. Sadly, Bambatha went onto to break Palesa’s heart by getting intimate with Tsakani and cheating on her. By this time the feelings that had been caught were now hurt. Even though she clearly adored him having pursued him and all, he had tainted something very special.

After their breakup things have gone from bad to worse for Bambatha. Not only has the SRC turned his back on him, he now owes Banzi Motaung a whole lot of money. But we can all see how Palesa’s face comes to life at the thought of him and his heart still belongs to her.


Tiro and Sne

Sne is a wild card and Tiro is street smart and charming. Need we say more? The two are delightful match of laughter and allure. Naturally, Snes been giving the guy a run around perhaps in a bid to test his staying power. The way things are going lately, it’s easy to tell that Tiro’s grown on the cheeky gal.

But neither of them come without baggage. Will Sne let Tiro into her troubled inner world? Can Tiro accept Sne for who she truly is?


Rendani and Neo

After a bad breakup mixed in with the loss of his mom and a head injury, Neo needed some time far away from the city and even more time away from Sli. A clear mind coupled with the simplicity of being back home in the village became the perfect place to start anew. This was when he met the brave sparring siren Rendani. But he was attracted to more than just the fact that she knew her way around a fight. She was brave and shy and a go-getter all in one.

Is Neo making a big mistake by choosing Sli over Rendani?


Duma and Mabuyi

Mabuyi’s wonderful nature and good heart make her just the girl we sometimes hate to love. Lest we forget that she was the girl who became Sbu’s mistress and wreaked havoc in his marriage. But we’re in the process of letting bygones be bygones. We’re trying our best.

That aside, we’ve been watching her relationship with Bhut’Duma transform since he was inducted into royalty as the regent. She’s been a source of guidance and light concerning his dilemma with his mother, Ma’Gloria. She seems to be perfectly suited in a role of nurture to him. Also, it doesn’t hurt that they look good together!


Zakithi and Mehlo

Zakithi and Mehlo share a strong bond… or at least they used to. They both played vital parts in saving both Lethu and Mpiyakhe from being consumed under their various spells. The more time they spent together, the more Mehlo’s feelings for Zakithi turned into something more.

But there is a niggly love triangle that’s formed between Mehlo, Zakithi and Fezile. It’s not too clear but it seems Zakithi tends to view Fezile in a more romantic light than she does Mehlo. Can Mehlo just work his magic and win over her heart aleardy?


Kwanele and Kea

The case of Kwanele and Kea is all sorts of tragic. Falling head over heals for the uppity Kea, little did Kwanele know just how deep the wickedness in her family goes. Coming from a background of less means than she, he did her best and successfully swept her off her feet.

Everything has gone down hill very fast since. To cut a long story short, it’s as though Kea never ever loved Kwanele. The worst thing that ever happened to this promising couple was a mother like Harriet. What are the chances that Kea might see the error of her ways?


Bakang and Vuyiswa

Last, but on least, on the list are Bakang and Vuyo. Fairly new to one another, we reckon that there is much to look forward to here. While Vuyo’s expressed a sense that it’s a little to awkward for her that he is Jerry’s son (Jerry with whom she was in love), Bakang is not backing down. Granted at the same time, he’s giving her space and time to get to a point where she might be open up and warm up to him.

Will Vee ever give the suave prosector a thumbs up?

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