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The end of Dabula and Ntwenhle – Isibaya

28 February 2019
Just when they had fallen in love, the lovebirds are torn apart by lies and corruption.
end of dabula and ntwenhle

Dabula fell in love with Ntwenhle the moment he saw her. It was not quite love at first sight for Ntwenhle. When he finally managed to win her heart; his secrets, lies, corruption and greed lost him the love of his life. Can Ntwenhle forgive Dabula for what he has done to the Ndlovu family?

Dabula and Ntwenhle’s love story could have been a beautiful tale of love and legacy. Not only was Dabula to be the first chief to bring a mall to the Bhubesini people, but the mall was to be built on Ndlovu land. Had things worked out between the pair, Chief Dabula and the Ndlovu family would have been forever joined together by love and wealth, beginning a lifelong legacy.

However, it seems Dabula could not rid himself of his demons.

When he found out Ngwebedla and the DGH consortium had planned to rip off the people of Bhubesini with a fake mall, he chose to join in the corruption than root it out as chief. He chose greed over the Ndlovu family and Ntwenhle who had been loyal to him from the moment he arrived eBhubesini. Where other people saw a convict, the Ndlovus and Ntwenhle saw a chief.

If the truth of it all should come out, Dabula will end up dead or in jail and without Ntwenhle.

Ngwebedla remained a wild card however, he could at any minute reveal the corruption of the mall deal. So Dabula thought it best to get rid of him. The only problem is that Sibongile was caught in the middle of his quest to get rid of Ngwebedla. She is now his hostage and he has to either set her free to tell the truth of what she did or do what he does not want to, silence her forever.

Either way, Dabula is in trouble with both the Ndlovu family and the Zungu family. His greatest concern is losing Ntwenhle’s love. She has given him 48 hours to solve the mall corruption deal or she will kill him. If the people of Bhubesini find out about the deal, they would blame Dabula. If the truth of it all should come out, Dabula will end up dead or in jail and without Ntwenhle.

Is there any hope left for Ntwenhle and Dabula’s love story?

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