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Aw’kahle wena! Is this the end of Dabula? – Isibaya

01 March 2019
The chief has made himself an enemy of the Zungus. What will his fate be?
end of dabula isibaya

The Zungus are not the kind of family that you want to make an enemy of and Dabula has made that mistake.

Things were going so well for Chief Dabula. He was uprooted from prison as the rightful heir to the MaBomvu throne. It was a new life for him, a fresh start, a chance for him to turn his life story around from convict to leader of the Buubesini people.

However, it seems the chief as ruined things with his thrist for revenge and greedy desire for corrupt wealth.

The mall deal was intended to change the lives of the Bhubesini people bringing them jobs, opportunities and a first class shopping experience. Little did Dabula know that DGH had no plans to build a mall, they were looking to build a road and then declare bankruptcy before building the mall while pocketing the money.

When Dabula did find out about the corrupt end of the deal, he instead to follow that old saying “, if you can’t beat them, join them” much to his detriment.

Everything might have gone well, at least for the chief. There was just one small problem: Ngwebedla! As part of the originators of the corrupt mall deal he wanted his cut, and Dabula was not prepared to pay him in cash for all his betrayal. He wanted revenge and silence.

Then a second problem crept into Dabula’s plan, Sibongile was there when Ngwenbedla was attacked. He didn’t want to kill her so he decided to kidnap her. With the Zungus hot on his heels it was only a matter of time before he would be caught!

Now, Sibongile safely back in Mpiyakhe’s arms, the only thing left is for the Zungus to get their revenge on Dabula. And they won’t hold back.

Is this the end of Chief Dabula?

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