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Isibaya Through thick thin and terminal

26 October 2017
Can Thandeka's love bring Sbu back from the brink of death?
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In what is undoubtedly their darkest hour, Thandeka and Sbu’s love continues to be tested. But this is no ordinary obstacle. Indeed it is larger than life, crossing square over into a troubling spiritual realm. Sbu us lying lifeless in a hospital bed that’s already given up on him. The doctors have thrown in the towel on his viability let alone recovery. For them, Sbu is dead body sucking up all the life in their high tech life support machines.

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For Thandeka this is not the end. If the doctors in the hospital cannot help then a different kind of doctor will have to do. Calling on the help of Mehlemamba for a spiritual check up has revealed something most disturbing. That while Sbu may not be with us in the land of the living, he cannot be pronounced dead just yet.

Sbu is flailing in the spiritual realm between life and death. He has not made contact with his ancestors. This is good news but it is also bad news. Sbu can be saved but this is going to be a dangerous undertaking if performed by sangoma like Nkabinde – whose intentions are nothing but evil. In the same breath, desperate time call for desperate measures.

The spiritual act of rescuing Sbu’s wandering soul falls under the much more deviant side of the unknown realm. In agreeing to take this route, Sbu’s family must take the risk of handing over the power of life and death to Nkabinde. Who will very likely exploit everyone involved.

With Mehlo’s help however, the deed can be done without fear of being scammed. But things are going to worse before they get better because the whole affair is fraught with danger.

Thandeka is going to need more help though after Sbu failed to make contact with her unborn child. That help is going to have to come from none other than Mabuyi. Will this have anything to do with her deceased baby?

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