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08 June 2017
Are Zamani and Simi back on track?
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So far, varsity life has served Simi with a long list of reality checks. But it turns out a short stint at sleeping on the streets in the beginning has given the timid student a tough skin and a risky edge. We can all agree that cheating isn’t the smartest move but it sure is a brave one.

Simi, however, has been caught out and has admitted to using crib notes with answers on them, during an important exam. In order to avoid being kicked out of medical school she would have to tell the disciplinary committee where and from whom she got the crib notes.

Simi was conflicted between losing her scholarship and snitching on Zamani but after Banzi warned her that one should never sell their friends out, Simi chose Zamani.

Does this mean that Simi has forgiven Zamani? Has this ignited their chemistry?

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