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Isithembiso Fear the free lunch

16 June 2017
Is Banzi a guardian angel or wolf in sheep's skin?

Banzi is a philanthropist. Which might come as a shock to the naked eye because of all the corruption that seems to surround the guy. He is, after all, the masfia boss of a crime syndicate among other shady dealings.

Still, Banzi is always available to lend a helping hand. But does it always come from a good place?

Simi swears by Banzi’s benevolence. She believes that Mr Motaung only has the best intentions. After he furnished her with a roof over her head, can you blame her? He also recently used his influence to lift her out of a hot water after she was caught cheating in an exam. Close to being kicked out of varisity Banzi stepped in and saved her from expulsion.

But is Simi all that Naïve?

He also seems to have a soft spot for her. The kind that an older man inappropriately has for a girl who is far too young.  

Is help from Banzi going to cost her much more than money?

Zamani’s also made it onto the list of Banzi’s charity cases.

We all know far too well just how desperate Zamani needed a bail out after his unassuming father set his wad of marijuana on fire. This after Mpumi and Gadget decided to steal the stash and sell it in secret. It didn’t end well. In fact, Zamani was forced to pay for the damage out of his own pocket and Gadget was forced to endure a gruesome severing of his finger.

Clearly Banzi’s taken both Simi and Banzi under his wings. The question to ask however, is this a blessing or is it a curse?

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