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Isithembiso Banzis facades and faces

28 June 2017
Banzi is a man of many faces but is he all that bad?

On first impressions, Banzi is a man of power. The kind that has corruption seeping slowly and secretly at the seams. A property mogul, club owner and family man on the face of it. A look behind the facades, however, reveal a complex figure for whom the ends justify the means. This may be a good trait, but for the most part, it’s not as simple as just that.

A glimpse into his relationship with Kero tells us that his past is far from rosy.While Kero suffered the consequences and decided to take the path towards correcting his past mistakes, Banzi, having never paid the price, continues to deal in covert corruption.

Impossible is nothing for Banzi especially when it comes to money and acquiring property. But there is a side to him that cares. Cares about his mom. Cares about his family. Cares enough to help Simi, Zamani and Bambatha. So when we ask whether Banzi is a good or a bad person, it’s hardly a simple yes or no.

But what is Banzi really up to? Is driven by the ambition or greed? Does Kero have the power to expose him?

Will he get away with murder again?

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